ERICA MENA (VH1 Love & Hip Hop) on Her New Book & Controlling Her Career

ERICA MENA For AimerAmour MagazineERICA MENA is one of the most gracious and humble people I’ve ever met. However, on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” she is characterized as scandalous and temperamental. In speaking to her I learned her “crazy” and erratic behavior on the show is a “defense mechanism”.

The 25 year old has experienced more in life than most. Mena was born in jail while her mother was incarcerated. She lived in foster homes, was raped, a victim of domestic violence and was a single mother while still in her teens.

I now want to re-watch the whole season of “Love & Hip Hop” with this new knowledge as I’m beyond impressed with her resilience. On this season of “Love & Hip Hop” audiences watch Mena fight with her former boyfriend/manager for not wanting to give up creative control of her career. When asked why she stated,”My career will never wake up one morning and decide it doesn’t love me”.

Mena speaks with AimerAmour Editor-In-Chief Zon D’Amour about the negative stereotypes “Superhead” created for video models, her reasons behind doing “Love & Hip Hop” and what she wants her son to learn from her mistakes.

Erica Mena’s  new book, “Underneath It All” is out now and a definite must read!

Erica and Zon DAmour


  • Margie Ritchie

    Never heard of her until I saw she is engaged to Bow Wow! I think she is obviously cute and I love that she is successful after having a less-than fortunate start in life, she is proof, it is not what the experiences have done to her, but what she did with those experiences! Now that is my definition of mastery! Wish U the absolute best Erica!